5 Best Linktree Alternatives for Link in Bio (2023)

Looking for one of the best Linktree alternatives for your link in bio?

Having a Linktree link in your Instagram bio allows you to promote any website, product or service you offer.

But sometimes, Linktree may not be just the right solution when it comes to link in bio tools. If you want to do more in a cost-effective way, looking for alternatives can actually be more beneficial.

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What are the advantages of having a link in your bio?

Simply put, most social media don’t allow you to put a lot of links in your bio. Therefore, using “link in bio tool” is a great way to promote your products, services and website to get traffic and leads from your audience easily.

If it is already link tree set for your bio link, it will look like linktr.ee/yourname hereand the URL will contain all the links to your other websites.

However, you may be dissatisfied with the limitations of the free plan and the cost of the paid plan ($6/month).

So, we have tested the 5 best Linktree alternatives just to see if any works better in 2023.

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SleekBio: Best Linktree Alternative for Links in Bio

SleekBio is one of the best free Linktree alternatives out there. This is an easy to use and simple bio link tool. It allows anyone to add any type of content including YouTube videos so you never have to change your social bio links again.

You can start by choosing a simple username that looks good on your social media profiles. After that, you will be able to add Links, Videos, Tidycal order pages, SendFox signup forms, Social Media buttons and Embedded content even in free plan.

And the coolest thing is, SleekBio is one of the products created by the AppSumo team so you can use it for free or upgrade your plan for just $19 if you want to add more than 5 blocks of content to your pages.

Reasons to try SleekBio:

  • Simple, clutter-free drag and drop interface.
  • 5 content blocks even on the free plan.
  • Easily integrates with other AppSumo products for bookings and email campaigns.
  • Customize your pages with your own brand colors.
  • Analytics for entire pages and individual content blocks.

Price: Free | Lifetime plan – $19 (one-time purchase)

Linktree Alternative: Canva bio link website

canvas is another direct Linktree alternative for your bio link that is perfect for influencers, businesses, bloggers, sofas, and almost anyone.

Canva’s simple drag-and-drop editing interface offers endless customization options and all the tools you need to create stunning pages. You can use one of their free templates, or you can also try a premium template with a 30-day free trial of Canva PRO.

However, it doesn’t give you customizable links. But you can use one of the link shortening sites to keep it short and customizable with your name.

Reasons to try Canva:

  • Start from a blank template or choose from ready-made templates.
  • Stock media library with millions of photos, videos and elements.
  • There are no restrictions when adding content to your page.
  • Time saving tools like AI background eraser. (pro plan)
  • Many other social media templates.

Price: Free | Canva PRO – $12.99/month


Smart Bio is very easy to use and the best part is that it is completely free to use. For anyone using Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts, you’ll also get access to Smart Bio.

This tool lets you add unlimited call-to-action buttons at the top of the page so your audience can easily navigate between your important links. You can also add links to any Instagram posts you have previously published and link them to your other websites.

Moreover, Tailwind has a built-in Instagram post creator and smart scheduler that allows you to schedule 400 posts per month on the Instagram plus plan.

Reasons to try Smart.Bio:

  • Make your page stand out with customizable colors.
  • Smart Instagram scheduling options.
  • Create Instagram posts using Tailwind creation tools.
  • 1-click hashtag suggestion tool.
  • Advanced insights for your Instagram profile.

Price: Free | Instagram plus plan – Starting from $14.99/month


Lnk.Bio is a simple Linktree alternative for creators, designers, bloggers, photographers and writers to showcase or promote their visual works, services and talents.

You can start by importing your profile picture from Instagram, or TikTok. After that, you can decide what text to display, and which links to add.

For free users, Lnk.Bio generates random URLs but you can add unlimited links to your pages. When you upgrade your plan, you create your own custom URL to keep it short and easy to remember.

Reasons to try Lnk.Bio:

  • Simple cutting-edge interface.
  • Unlimited links on the free plan.
  • Over 90 social, music and contact icons.
  • Tracking and statistics. (paid plan)
  • Instagram post scheduler. (paid plan)

Price: Free | Paid plans – Starting from $0.99/month

Hy Page

Hy Page is another excellent alternative to Linktree. This is more than just a bio link tool in the same market. It allows you to display all your links and they offer several other features to do more with your content.

With HyPage, you’ll have all the tools you need to take your pages to the next level. You can simply accept donations, charge for exclusive content, and connect deeply with your fans by selling memberships.

If you’re a free user, you can also set up unlimited links for your pages and you don’t need to upgrade your plan unless you’re not going to sell anything or set up your own domain name for your pages.

Reasons to try HyPage:

  • Add unlimited links for your pages
  • Sell ​​digital products with file sending options. (pro plan)
  • Set up your own domain for your page. (pro plan)
  • Fees for access to your premium content. (pro plan)
  • Receive recurring payments from your members. (company plan)

Price: Free | Pro Plan – Starts at $19/month

Which is the Best Linktree Alternative?

It’s no secret that you struggle to find the right tools to impress your fans.

If you are looking for a free one that gives you a lot of features, then SleekBio is worth trying.

And, canvas is another unique option that allows you to create amazing designs for your pages, but requires some improvements when creating links for the page.

Now it’s up to you — which is the best Linktree alternative for you? Don’t forget to leave a comment below with the creative page you just created.

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