How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Sometimes, some people really like seeing what other people are doing on Facebook. But we know some useful ways to see who viewed your Facebook profile. This can help you find out who is interested in you.

Facebook is a website where many people talk to their friends and family. Almost everyone wants to know who is viewing their profile to feel good about themselves or to make sure they are safe from potential problems.

Quick answer:

RENEW: Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to see who viewed their profile due to privacy concerns so you can’t see who visited your profile.

Caution: Prioritize privacy when trying these methods.

How to Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Here’s how to find out who viewed your Facebook profile using the simplest and fastest methods available.

You can use “Initials List of chat friends” to find out who checked your Facebook profile. Here’s how to see who viewed your Facebook using this method.

  1. Open Facebook, and Join.
  2. When you tap or click on your name, your information, posts and photos will be displayed.
Click on Profile Name
  1. To view the page source, right click on the page or press Ctrl+U on the keyboard for a faster way.
View page source
  1. Next, press Ctrl+F and type “Initial List of chat friends” to find a code that shows who views your Facebook profile most often.
Ctrl F to search
Search Initial Chat Friends List

It helps you search for specific words on a web page. You will see a box where you type “Initials List of chat friends” without quotes. This shows the number linked to the friend’s profile.

  1. Then add the profile ID number to the Facebook URL to see the results.

You have a list of profile codes. To find out who they are, copy the code by dragging and pressing “Ctrl + C”. Then, in the browser address bar, press “Ctrl + P” to paste the code after ““.

For example, if the code is 12345, type

Perform this step for each code to see top viewer profiles. After checking everything, you might be wondering if these people actually looked at your profile.


Can other people see if I frequently visit their Facebook profile?

No, Facebook doesn’t let people see how often someone checks their profile, even on iOS. So, you can only view profiles with them knowing how many times.

Can an app really identify who has visited your Facebook profile?

Absolutely not. Apps and browser extensions cannot reveal who viewed your profile. Apps that claim to do this are often malicious and may aim to steal your data or harm other users. Avoid installing such apps or extensions, even if they seem trustworthy.


This article explains How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile. You can follow the steps above to identify anyone who may be monitoring you.

However, we strongly recommend avoiding third-party apps and browser extensions that claim to reveal your Facebook profile audience. These are often scams that can steal your personal information, even if they seem trustworthy. We recommend relying on Facebook’s features and settings for privacy and security.

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