How to Delete a Discord Category? (Step by step)

If you are a loyal Discord user, you have probably experienced a situation where you need to tidy up your server and delete unnecessary categories.

Deleting categories in Discord is an easy process that can help you keep your server organized and free of clutter.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of deleting Discord categories on various platforms, including mobile and desktop.

The process for deleting Discord categories is the same for iOS, Android, and desktop. Open your Discord account and go to the server containing the category you want to delete. Right click a category and if you are using a mobile device, long press the category name and select it “Delete Category”. Confirm your action by clicking “Yes” to delete categories in Discord.


How to Delete a Discord Category?

Keeping your Discord server organized will improve user experience and encourage meaningful interactions.

A messy server can cause confusion and frustration among members, making it more difficult to engage in discussions and share information effectively.


STEP 1: Launch “Dispute” on your PC.

Open Discord PC on your computer

STEP 2: Go to the server whose category you want to delete.

STEP 3: Under “Voice Channel”You will see your server category.

Open the Server containing the Discord category you want to delete

STEP 4: Right-click the category you want to delete and select it “Delete Category”.

Remove category options on Discord PC

STEP 5: Click “Delete Category” to confirm your actions.

Confirm Delete category on PC

Those specific categories will be deleted.

On Mobile

You can easily delete Discord categories on your phone be it Android or iOS by following these steps:

STEP 1: Open “Dispute” app on your phone.

Open Discord on your phone

STEP 2: Open the server containing the category you want to delete.

STEP 3: Under “Voice Channel”You will see your server category.

Mobile discord server categories

STEP 4: Long press the category you want to delete and a slide up menu will appear.

Swipe the discord mobile category menu

STEP 5: Tap “Edit Category”.

Tap on edit discord mobile category

STEP 6: Knock “Delete Category”.

Delete categories on discord mobile

STEP 7: Knock “Yes” to confirm your actions.

Tap yes to delete the mobile discord category



In conclusion, maintaining a well-organized Discord server is essential to fostering a positive and engaging community. Removing unnecessary categories can contribute significantly to this goal by simplifying navigation and improving the overall user experience. By following the step by step instructions provided in this guide, you can easily delete categories on both mobile and desktop platforms.


Can I recover deleted categories in Discord?

No, once a category is deleted in Discord, it cannot be restored. Make sure to double check before confirming deletion.

Will deleting a category affect the channels within it?

Yes, deleting a category will also delete all the channels and content within it. Make sure you have backed up any important discussions or information before continuing.

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