Pixpa Review – Complete Website Builder Platform

Did you know that website creation has now become very easy and efficient even for people with no coding knowledge?

The secret here is a no-code website builder. This platform can help you build a website easily and, more importantly, affordably!

Pixpa is a no-code website building platform that makes building your website easy.

Using simple visual editors and page builder tools, you can create your own custom website, without hiring a professional or touching a single line of code yourself.

With Pixpa, website creation becomes affordable and accessible.

In this Pixpa review, let’s dive in and take a look at Pixpa and how it can help you create a beautiful and professional website thanks to its ease of use and affordable plans!

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What is Pixpa?

Pixpa is an easy-to-use, all-in-one website building platform that empowers creative professionals and small business owners by helping them create beautiful, feature-rich, and professional websites without touching a single line of code.

The platform comes with a variety of modern, minimalist, and responsive templates that can be fully customized using a simple visual editor and drag-and-drop page builder.

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Pixpa Review 2023

Pixpa’s affordable pricing plans, starting at just $3/month, is a major selling point. Prices are all-inclusive with no hidden costs. Additionally, all subscription plans come with SSL security and 24×7 customer service support.

You do not need to enter any credit card information to register so you can enjoy a free trial without worrying about unexpected charges to your bank account.

Who is Pixpa Designed For?

Pixpa is a full-featured website building platform with ecommerce functionality, blogging tools, SEO and marketing tools, a comprehensive client vetting platform, and more.

As a no-code platform, Pixpa is designed to be used by everyone regardless of technical expertise and coding knowledge.

Pixpa is ideal for photographers, artists, designers, fashion industry professionals and freelance creative professionals.

The extensive online store builder is perfect for small business owners who want to create a business website or ecommerce website.

Besides that, the platform offers a 50% discount for students and educators making it the perfect and affordable website builder for student websites and educator portfolios.

How to Use Pixpa to Build Your Website?

With Pixpa, users can not only expand their business and income streams but also build a brand identity to market and promote themselves and their work.

Pixpa Dashboard

To start using Pixpa, all you have to do is sign up for a free, full-featured 15-day trial. After that you need to follow these steps:

  1. Once you sign up for the trial, you will be redirected to the Pixpa dashboard which is a one-stop shop for creating, customizing and managing your Pixpa website.
  2. You will see a number of different categories on the left side of the dashboard where you can design and customize various elements of your website.
  3. That ‘Website’ sections allow you to add galleries, pages, menus, and menu items as well as set up a basic structure for your website.
  4. That ‘Design’ section lets you choose a template and customize all the visual aspects of your website.
  5. Special functions like e-commerce, client gallery, dlls can be enabled and managed through their own dedicated section in the dashboard.
  6. That ‘Arrangement’ this section is where you can manage custom domain names, payments, 301 redirects, and other website settings.
  7. To start subscribing and get the full Pixpa experience, all you need to do is click the subscribe button in the bottom bar of the Pixpa studio.

You’ll also get an email to activate your subscription at the end of the 15-day trial period. If you choose not to subscribe at the end of the trial period, your account becomes inactive and is scheduled for deletion after one month of inactivity.

You can reactivate your account any time within one month after the trial period ends by contacting Pixpa customer service.

Pixpa Templates

Templates are an important feature for any no-code platform. Templates ensure that you are not designing your website from scratch, but rather have something to build on.

Without a template, creating a website can be overwhelming and confusing.

Pixpa comes with a variety of pixel perfect, mobile optimized and responsive templates suitable for a number of different website types. From portfolio sites to fashion sites and online stores, Pixpa has something for everyone.

Pixpa Templates

All templates are fully customizable without using code. You can change fonts, color schemes, layouts and all other visual elements of your website through the visual editor.

However, if you want to go even further and personalize your website even further, you have the option to use custom CSS and HTML code.

Client Vetting Platform

Pixpa’s client vetting platform simplifies what can be a very complicated and time-consuming process.

Client galleries and mobile gallery apps give photographers the opportunity to provide professional, personalized and exclusive client vetting services to their clients and meet their needs.

Client gallery is an exclusive tool that allows you to create individual, personalized galleries for each of your clients. Galleries can be public or password protected to maintain privacy.

Clients can use this gallery to view their photos, create short lists and even order prints directly from your website.

With a mobile gallery app, you can create and share personal, downloadable mobile galleries with your clients to get a glimpse of featured footage from shoots.

The mobile gallery app also comes with social media sharing tools and custom icons so it can be used as an effective branding and marketing tool for your business.

E-Commerce Builder

Pixpa also comes with powerful ecommerce website building tools to help build your online store or ecommerce gallery.

This includes product and inventory management tools, easy order processing, shipping rate and tax management, discount management, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

Pixpa eCommerce Builder

Pixpa does not charge a commission on products sold through their website, however the payment gateway used for transactions may charge its own transaction fees.

Payments can be accepted via Paypal and Stripe.

Pixpa’s e-commerce offerings are not limited to online stores alone. You can also sell photography or art prints through e-commerce galleries and client galleries. You can even choose to have print orders fulfilled automatically through WHCC or through a specialty lab of your choice.

Pixpa Stores can be used to sell physical products and services as well as digital downloads.

The online store can be integrated into an existing Pixpa website or you can create an ecommerce website from scratch using the tools provided by the Pixpa platform.

Blogging Tools

If you want to create a blog for your website, Pixpa has you covered.

The platform comes with a comprehensive set of tools for blogging including an efficient and intuitive WYSIWYG editor, embeddable media support for images and videos, commenting and moderation features, social media integration, SEO management tools and more.

Pixpa Blogging Tool

You can use blogging tools to edit, publish, and schedule blog posts, all from one platform. Pixpa Blog supports multiple authors so you can invite guest posts or create a multi-author blog website.

You can also organize your blog by creating categories, adding custom sidebars, and a search feature for easy navigation.

All the visual elements of your blog site including fonts, colors, spacing, etc. can be completely customized for a personal touch.

SEO & Marketing

SEO and marketing are important aspects of website development. Just having a website is not enough, you also have to promote and market it.

Good SEO practices ensure your website gets good organic traffic through search engines. This, along with good marketing, helps you get your name and website brand out there so you can grow your business.

Pixpa SEO Manager comes with an extensive set of tools to manage your website’s SEO. Through the SEO manager, you can organize site-wide metadata, including alt tags, define search engine-friendly URLs, generate automatic sitemaps, and more.

Pixpa websites are based on clean HTML markup which makes it easy for search engines to index your website and improve your SEO ranking.

Integrating your website with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools can help you understand, analyze and optimize your website performance. Integrated marketing tools include an announcement bar, mailing lists for newsletters, social media widgets and more.

Pixpa Price

Pixpa comes with four different pricing tiers:

Lite – $3 per month (billed annually)
The Light plan is the most basic and is best suited for simple, lightweight websites such as resume sites and simple portfolio sites.

Personal – $7 per month (billed annually)
The Personal Plan is suitable for portfolio websites and small business websites and comes with basic ecommerce tools and client vetting.

Expert – $10 per month (billed annually)
The Expert plan is suitable for all types of websites with extensive e-commerce and marketing features, complete client vetting setup, and more.

Business – $16 per month (billed annually)
The Business Plan is suitable for larger online stores and comes with advanced e-commerce and marketing tools

The Expert and Business level plans also come with a website setup service which is a free one-time service where you can ask a Pixpa expert to set up a website for you. This ensures you can hit the ground running!


If you are looking for an affordable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use platform to build your website, then Pixpa may be the right choice for you. The website builder is versatile and capable of handling a wide variety of websites.

Plus, a responsive customer support team makes building with Pixpa a breeze.

There are several drawbacks, mainly due to the lack of a freemium model or free plan. At the same time, Pixpa also offers an ad-free experience and very affordable pricing plans.

Another relatively minor downside is that if you want to purchase a custom domain name for your website, Pixpa doesn’t offer a built-in option for that.

You must contact a third party to purchase your own domain name.

Overall, Pixpa is an easy and affordable website building solution that is suitable for a wide range of users.

So, if you’re looking for a website but aren’t sure what to look for or where to start, Pixpa might be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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